Our Story

Telemark Productions began with a feisty German Shepherd puppy, Shasta, who was quite a handful. We had to learn a lot just to manage her, working with trainers, doing a lot of reading, and so forth. After succeeding in raising Shasta, We decided to try to help others avoid some of the pitfalls of dog ownership that we had already fallen head first into.

Our project began with a simple breed selector. Back then, there were no online breed selectors. Instead, people paid a few dollars to fill out a form and send it in for expert advice. We decided to make ours electronic for greater efficiency. But then the project started to grow and grow! If we were going to recommend breeds, we really needed to tell people about those breeds. And of course, we should include information and videos on how to pick a puppy, how to care for a dog, how to train it, and more.

We formed Telemark Productions, gathering a talented group of friends to help with programming, graphic design, and video production. One of our trainers came on board, and then a talented dog photographer. We contacted hundreds of breeders to make sure our material was the highest possible quality.

The results of our efforts became the award-winning CD-ROM, Telemark's Guide to Dogs, which was licensed by the Learning Company, selling over 45,000 units worldwide.

A few years later, after we ported the product to the Web, we signed a license agreement with IAMS and the breed profiles, photos, selector and comparer became part of IAMS Breed Library worldwide. Some years later, IAMS asked us to develop a Cat Selector, Comparer and Cat Breed Library.

As of March, 2018, our agreement with IAMS has been terminated; the Telemark Dog Breed Selector and Dog Breed Comparer are availiable for purchase or licensing.

It’s been quite an adventure!