Guide to Dogs

The original Guide to Dogs was inspired by a feisty German Shepherd puppy who was quite a handful --- we were trying to help others avoid some of the pitfalls of dog ownership that we had already fallen into. Our project began with a simple Breed Selector, but then grew and grew. If we were going to recommend breeds, we really needed to tell people about them. And of course, we should include information and videos on how to pick a puppy, how to care for a dog, how to train it, and more.

The results of our efforts became Telemark's Guide to Dogs CD-ROM, and later, after we ported the product to the Web, became part of the IAMS Websites worldwide. As of March, 2018, our agreement with IAMS has been terminated; the Telemark Dog Breed Selector and Dog Breed Comparer are availiable for purchase or licensing.

The Guide to Dogs is no longer available on CD.